August 2008

Not Only The Old

by Rundy on August 21, 2008

In an earlier entry I showcased a video which told a fictional story about a young Lisa and her mother with Alzheimer’s. In that entry I commented on Lisa’s youth. But if you watched that video, you surely noticed the mother’s age as well. She appeared in her forties or fifties. A little inaccuracy in […]

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Thank You For Your Comments and Concerns

by Rundy on August 19, 2008

I wanted to quickly say thank you to those who came by from Jane Gross’ NYT blog and commented. I did read all of your comments, even though I didn’t respond to them all. It was interesting to see people commenting from Ireland, Germany, and all across America. One common thread I noticed in a […]

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Like Lisa

by Rundy on August 15, 2008

The short film above, “My Name is Lisa” by Shelton Films, is a fictional account that portrays caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease. It won 3rd prize in Youtube’s 1st international short film competition. Perhaps some of you had already seen it. If you didn’t just watch it, I strongly encourage you to watch it […]

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Good Neighbors

by Rundy on August 13, 2008

Last Wednesday . . . It happened suddenly, unexpectedly, as most disasters do. A great crash–like one expects to hear when an entire bookcase collapses–sent me rushing out of the bedroom. I found Grandma sprawled on the hall floor, a container of greeting cards scattered everywhere. For the briefest microsecond, it is as if everything […]

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Hello NYT Visitors

by Rundy on August 11, 2008

If you are new to this website it means you have probably come from Jane Gross’s post about me over at the New York Times. Welcome! If you would like a quick overview, you can take a look at the about page. That is a good place to start. You can also go directly back […]

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