November 2007

Alice in Wonderland

by Rundy on November 18, 2007

What follows is two slices of life, nothing more. It is, perhaps, nonsensical in nature. As for Alice in Wonderland . . . that’s what it can feel like around here. **** One night, early this week I think, I was busy rushing around the kitchen trying to make supper. Grandpa was busy doing his […]

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Seeing, Hearing, Understanding

by Rundy on November 12, 2007

It is interesting to see how the mental aspect of Grandpa’s Alzheimer’s progresses. We can divide the mental function of the brain into two categories: (1) Dealing with outside stimuli, and (2) Processing one’s own internal thoughts and reflections. It is hard to judge how Alzheimer’s affects the latter–we can’t see into the mind of […]

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The Marvels of Youth, The Follies of Age

by Rundy on November 2, 2007

Last weekend I came home to a sick family, and, true to form, my dearly beloveds passed it along to me. None of us likes getting sick, but I particularly dread it while living with Grandma and Grandpa because when the entire functioning of a house depends on you–well, you can’t afford to be sick. […]

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