March 2007

NYT Article on Alzheimer’s

by Rundy on March 30, 2007

Below is a link to a NYT article on people trying to live with Alzheimer’s. The observations in the article line up with my own. If you read the article you will see there is one man profiled who still retains his short term memory but is losing his motor skill rapidly. Then there is […]

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To Be Like Mom

by Rundy on March 29, 2007

How hard is it? Some people think taking care of Grandpa (and Grandma) is a particularly difficult task. Maybe even an overwhelming task unlike that which normal people must face. I don’t view my situation that way. I have always thought my situation bears a very close resemblance to being a mom, and being the […]

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The Edge

by Rundy on March 23, 2007

I’ll start by saying that I don’t really think that with Grandpa and his illness that there is a “edge”–some clear cut breaking point where before and after he is starkly different. The only edge like that would be a real physical edge . . . the edge of the stairs which he goes tumbling […]

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To The Doctors, Again

by Rundy on March 13, 2007

Snippet 1: Saturday night Grandpa had another bedroom-bathroom disaster. I somehow was exhuasted enough, or he was quiet enough, that I slept through the unfolding disaster and only woke up to face the results. I first started waking up when Grandpa sat down on my bed to lay back down. Dragged into a half-awake state […]

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The Downward Slide

by Rundy on March 5, 2007

Saturday I finally made the time to put the linoleum down in the bedroom. It had probably been two weeks ago that I brought the old roll of linoleum in from the barn to soften up in the warmth of the basement. I knew from eye-balling the roll that it was short and probably wouldn’t […]

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