February 2007

Problems and More Problems

by Rundy on February 23, 2007

The little bits first: My bike ride today was rather miserable. It was snowing heavily, which is bad enough by itself because the snow blows back in my face–very uncomfortable, and it makes me ride with one eye shut and the other opened no more than a squint. So that was bad enough, but even […]

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More on Reading to Grandpa

by Rundy on February 19, 2007

I really should be going to bed, not writing this. But I forgot to start my laundry earlier today, so my bed sheets are still in the dryer. I was running a slightly larger than normal sleep deficit last week and last night I was really tired and tried to go to bed early . […]

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by Rundy on February 18, 2007

When I came to live with Grandma and Grandpa I came to help Grandpa by taking care of him, and I came to help Grandma by taking care of Grandpa and cooking. Grandma has never enjoyed cooking, and now that her health has declined enough it is physically too tiring for her to cook. Since […]

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Little Troubles of Everyday Life

by Rundy on February 16, 2007

A few days before the recent big snowstorm Arlan went out one night to dump the compost. There is a deck on the back of the house and as he was going down the rather long flight of stairs he slipped on the ice on the steps. His foot went through the stair railing and […]

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Trouble Shaving

by Rundy on February 10, 2007

Grandpa has struggled with shaving for a long time. Before I came to care for him he was forcefully switched from a razor to a cordless electric razor both for his own safety when shaving himself, and so if someone else had to shave him it wouldn’t be unduly difficult. Grandpa will usually shave every […]

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Back Trouble

by Rundy on February 7, 2007

Grandpa has suffered from back pain most if not all of his life. As best I understand it, he has a congenital back problem which I think Dad has inherited to some degree. As is the nature of such afflictions, what bothered Grandpa some earlier in his life has now become a much greater problem […]

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by Rundy on February 4, 2007

Grandpa becomes very agitated whenever a doctor calls. His agitation is due in part to worry about Grandma’s health but also in part to simply trying to understand what is going on. He is agitated that he might not understand what is happening, and anyone would want to know what is happening to their wife. […]

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What Grandpa Will Eat

by Rundy on February 3, 2007

I have come to the something of a dawning realization that Grandpa is a picky eater. I guess some part of my mind always associated picky-eating with those naughty little boys and girls, in spite of the fact that we all know picky-eaters come in all sizes. But in case one might forget that, Grandpa […]

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