January 2007

Read Me A Story

by Rundy on January 31, 2007

For about two weeks now I have been reading to Grandpa when I put him to bed for the night. It started when I noticed that during the day he would sometimes pick up a magazine in the living room and try to read it. I figured that instead of trying to read the same […]

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What We Fear

by Rundy on January 30, 2007

Today I felt human for the first time this week. This is partly due to the fact that my cold–which has been giving up an inch at a time–is now mostly gone, and due a large extent to the fact that I am the more caught up on my sleep today than I have been […]

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Not All Memory is The Same

by Rundy on January 21, 2007

I think it is a common misconception of people not familiar with Alzheimer’s’s that the disease affects all parts of the mind (or memory) equally. Thus when people see an Alzheimer’s’s patient acting incompetent at one moment the assume the person is incompetent to that degree always and in all things. I’ve already mentioned before […]

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I Saw It Coming

by Rundy on January 16, 2007

Grandpa is definitely becoming more accustomed to me tending to his needs. It has taken months, both for him to get comfortable with me and for the reality to sink into his brain. He still always wants to know where Grandma is, and what she is doing, but now for many (and perhaps for most) […]

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by Rundy on January 13, 2007

Things become conflated in Grandpa’s mind. Sometimes it isn’t so much that he isn’t cognizant, but rather that is consciousness of thoughts, events, and facts become so mixed together that is, as it were, communicating from a different reality. Sometimes this confusion and conflation is simply being asked if he wants a cup of coffee […]

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Bathroom Obsession

by Rundy on January 11, 2007

Thursday is grocery day. While I’m gone it’s pretty much Grandma and Grandpa alone together. Which means I’m always wondering a bit about what will happen while I’m gone. I return and I pull the car into the garage and start bringing groceries in, casing out the joint as I do so to see if […]

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Little Questions and Ponderings

by Rundy on January 9, 2007

Sometimes Grandpa does or says things that make me wonder how his mind works under the affects of Alzhiemer’s. Other times he says or does things which makes me think I can understand some glimmer of how his mind works. I think, to a large degree, Alzhiemer’s twists and exaggerates quirks and flaws that are […]

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Being Sick is no Fun

by Rundy on January 8, 2007

It’s never fun being sick but there is an added layer of difficulty when you are sick and have other stress in your life, or other people you must tend. Winter is the time for colds, and about as soon as I moved in with Grandma and Grandpa I was dreading the first winter sniffles, […]

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