November 2006

Grandpa’s Cane

by Rundy on November 30, 2006

Last Saturday Grandpa fell while he was out getting the mail. It wasn’t the first time he has fallen. In fact, several weeks ago I had suggested that he might want to start using the cane down in the basement because of the difficulty he had walking and keeping his balance, and because of the […]

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Can’t They Do Something?

by Rundy on November 28, 2006

Grandpa rarely talks about his Alzheimer’s. When I first came to live with them I wondered if he even remembered or realized that he had Alzheimer’s. I soon learned that he does know he has Alzheimer’s, and he does think about it. He talks about it very rarely, but sometimes he does. With all the […]

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The Toilet Water is Awful Cold

by Rundy on November 25, 2006

Grandpa is worse in the evenings. Some evenings he is better than others. Some evenings he is quite bad. His confusion can add up, one confused piling on top of another making his muddle thoughts all the more muddle until things have spiralled completely out of control. This morning Grandpa wanted to take a shower. […]

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Grandpa to Bed, Finally

by Rundy on November 16, 2006

It is 10:30 PM and I just finally got Grandpa into bed. He doesn’t go to bed at a consistent time. On the very early end he is heading toward bed by 8:00 and might be in bed by 8:30. The normal is around 9:30. But sometimes . . . sometimes something happens. Grandma went […]

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Grandpa Exercising

by Rundy on November 14, 2006

Grandpa has difficulty walking. There are probably three things that contribute; he often has a bad back ache, he has lost a lot of strength in his legs which makes it more laborious to lift his feet, and a result of Alzhiemer’s is the victim eventually forgets how to walk. My cousin M’s other grandfather […]

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Grandpa Still has a Sense of Humor

by Rundy on November 13, 2006

If you see Grandpa at his worst one might think he is “lost” in the disease. He can’t think, he can’t communicate, he can’t do anything (you think) . . . his very personality had disappeared. So you might think if you saw him at his worst. But a passing observation doesn’t give a fair […]

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How Many Dangers Don’t We See?

by Rundy on November 10, 2006

There are many dangers for Grandpa. It is impossible to eliminate all dangers but I try to make a measured judgement about what should be done about those I see. There is little that can be done about the danger of him falling, but he isn’t allowed to drive or play with fire. Beyond the […]

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by Rundy on November 10, 2006

Last night Shadowlands was on TV. The actors were good, the story was sad. The subject, something to think about. I suppose first it made me think about life in general, about all the pain and grief in life. Second it made me think about my present situation. Lewis, tending the dying, faced with a […]

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I was Talking to the Little Dog

by Rundy on November 9, 2006

Around Grandpa one has to become accustomed to non-sequitors and free flowing activity. The protein plaque builds up on his brain as Alzheimer’s progresses and it becomes an increasing struggle for his brain to function. Two results of this are the failure to properly process information, which leads to non-sequitors, and the inability to follow […]

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Sometimes it is Hard to not Laugh

by Rundy on November 7, 2006

This afternoon I looked over my shoulder to see Grandpa with one shoe on. He was standing in the hall putting a tissue box on his other bare foot. Seeing trouble in the works I got up from the computer to investigate. Grandpa was walking down the hall toward the bedroom one shoe on, and […]

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