The Story

Rundy and Grandpa

Rundy and Grandpa

I began caring for my grandfather in September 2006 and provided him with 24 hour care until his death from Alzheimer’s in September 2009. I wrote the material in this blog during that time. It is raw writing, writing often put down in the late hours of the night. This blog is no longer currently updated because it was a chronicle of that particular journey, but the story is timeless. Reader’s are advised to start at the beginning of the story.

Note: I took the material of this blog and used it as the beginning material for a book. In June 2015 that book was published, titled “The Sea is Wide: A Memoir of Caregiving.” If you have appreciated this blog, please consider getting the book and sharing it with others. For more about the book, and my work supporting and encouraging other caregivers, please go to: You can also find the book on Amazon¬†where you can purchase both paperback and kindle copies.

May this story touch you in reading it, as it touched me in living it.

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